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The three downloads of Christmas

As this mad year draws to a close we wanted to give you lot a bit of a reward and send off into 2011 by making everything on our Soundcloud free to download until January 6, including the whole of our debut album, SixtyNine. Think of it as our gift to you. Because we care. We do.

So please enjoy and please pass on our gift to your friends. It would be great if you could encourage people to "Like" our page on Facebook as that's the place where you'll get the latest news, updates and offers from Deathline HQ.

2011 is going to be an exciting year for us, with the release of our upcoming and as yet untitled second album, more gigs and tours, movies, trips, festivals and everything else we ever wanted wrapped up with a black satin bow round it. That's the plan anyway. It kicks off with a gig at The Alley Cat on Denmark Street on January 20th and an interview with New York's Gutfire Magazine which we did this week to be published next month too.

While you're waiting for that why don't you check out an interview we did with The Devil in November.

Have a good holiday everyone. Enjoy your free downloads.


SixtyNine - free download till Jan 6 2011

Deathline - "sixty-nine" insert artwork

Our debut album from 2008 is available as a free download till January 6 2011. Click the image above for a hi res of the liner artwork to print.


  1. 69
  2. Tesko Disko
  3. Lacka Lacka (Firecracka)
  4. Kick Ass
  5. 17
  6. Region Hack
  7. C'mon C'mon
  8. 7-1 Regime
  9. Region Hack (James Thomas remix)

» Download: http://soundcloud.com/deathline/sets/deathline-sixtynine

album 2 demos - exclusive free download till Jan 6 2011

Jacques Jacques

These rough demos of songs from the forthcoming and as yet untitled second album are available until 6th January only.

album 2 demos (rough mixes)

  1. Black Money (demo)
  2. Ten of Clubs (demo)
  3. Return (demo)
  4. Sweden v Poland (demo)
  5. Something is You (demo)

» Download: http://soundcloud.com/deathline/sets/album-2-demos-rough-mixes

FREE live download EP

Deathline - Live at The Gaff - Free download EP

OK, this one was already free... Recorded by Simon Murphy at The Gaff in April this year, this live bootleg EP can be downloaded free from our Soundcloud and features highlights from the SixtyNine album plus a cover of Iggy Pop's Funtime.

Live at The Gaff bootleg EP

  1. 69
  2. Tesko Disko
  3. Lacka Lacka (Firecracka)
  4. Region Hack
  5. Funtime
  6. 7-1 Regime

» Download: http://soundcloud.com/deathline/sets/live-at-the-gaff-ep

Connect with Deathline

Deathline are seeking bookings from mid-late February 2011. Contact us on this email address, or via any of the channels below.

RED ALERT! Jennie Deathline live @ Catch

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» Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/deathline
» Twitter: twitter.com/Deathline

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